I am new here. My son acquired a brain injury a few years ago. Before that after entering Junior High, he began to struggle greatly. It got to the point he stopped talking at school and would shut down in anxious tears and had to home. I finally had to take him out of school.....Super long tumultuous story. My question is: he was diagnosed with Asp. when he was 5 then I was told the diagnosis was wrong because he was getting better. He did fine, quirky, a little sensory, until JH school. A year later he acquired a brain injury that I feel has just exacerbated his symptoms. DIA brain injury. I can get no diagnosis now.....:(. I was told this by professionals... I really feel like he has some Aspergers. I also think he is a walking ball of defense mode. A single parent trying to help him. It is sooo hard. He is 20 years old and stuck, angry, and somewhat childlike, been through school shooting, lung surgeries, car accident etc, and isolated himself except for work. He has begun turning his anger and distrust on me. I am at my wits end. Does anyone out there suspect Aspergers without a diagnoses? Or have any advice. I am purchasing Defense Mode course. Problem is he is so resistant to help....and more resistant to me lately. I feel like things are coming to a boiling point and am very worried.

Posted by pmbaccinelli at 2023-03-07 18:19:23 UTC