Hello, My name is Brock and I am 19. I'm very passionate (and fixated) on composing my own music, and I also love building things in Minecraft when I'm not doing that. I also tend to be quite a "goofball" and just enjoy having fun. I currently live with my parents, who introduced me to this site, and I've been struggling a lot to "get off my feet" since I graduated from high school. I was diagnosed with Asperger's at a young age, although we are currently seeking to have me reevaluated since Asperger's is no longer recognized as a disability and is now included under the umbrella of ASD (as far as I understand it, that is). I'm looking to attend a trade school for audio technology, but am stuck behind a $2.5k gap to be able to fully afford the school. Finding jobs is difficult, and I've been in this spot for longer than I'd like, and decided with my parents that we would give this place a shot to see if it can help me get myself started. I'm new to this community, and this has been my introduction :)

Posted by BorkcLee at 2023-03-05 21:55:56 UTC