Good morning. I need some advice. My 18yo son has met someone on the app Discord. After talking for awhile my son gave out our actual address. The two boys found out they live about 3.5 hours from each other. Now the want to meet and start a relationship. The other boy says he’s 18 as well. I wasn’t unaware of this going on but when I found out I personally had a panic attack and had to go to the hospital. My son witnessed this attack. I’ve lost 11 pounds since February 17/18. I’m not eating, not sleeping, some nights I sleep by the front door to make sure he doesn’t elope. My son is high functioning but also has type 1 diabetes which he has absolutely no idea how to control or even calculate his insulin. I try to give him simple chores at home but cleaning the litter box is even difficult. He has no life skills yet like… dishes, cooking, time management, cleaning, laundry… no responsibilities at all. All my son wants to do is play games and talk to his “friend” on discord. I’ve been trying to get him more involved in things near where we live but there’s no interest. We’re going to start volunteering at the local humane society which might help and maybe he’ll meet more people. I try to get him involved in local gaming nights… not interested. I just finished getting my full guardianship of my son. He still has about 2 years before he graduates from high school. The people he talks to are encouraging him to quit school, run away, get a job and move. Now legally I have say where my son lives… guardianship, but I’m nervous for so many reasons. Has anyone dealt with this or anything similar? If you read my previous posts you’ll get a bigger picture of my situation. I’m a widow. Single mom. Scared and nervous.

Posted by Amom1 at 2023-03-05 12:50:19 UTC