My adult family member worries/stresses about things like roads being decommissioned, students not getting educated because of teacher shortages, every single business (small and large) closing, people not making purchases because they are content with what they have forcing business to close due to lack of purchases, etc. Nothing I say soothes him. I express empathy for the difficult thoughts, try to explain how the world works, and remind him what he does have control over such as his own day to day choices. He calls hotlines and warmlines and doesn't feel helped. He has expressed he doesn't know what kind of help he is seeking. Outside of expressing empathy and reminding him of what is in his control and keeping my own boundaries when he just talks over me with his worries and fears, is there anything I can say or do or some kind of resource I can pass along to him?? I've looked around and can't seem to find anything that "fits". He won't do any breathing exercises. Thanks for listening and any suggestions.

Posted by DJME at 2023-03-05 03:15:17 UTC