This is mostly a vent, however, if you’ve had experience dealing with this feel free to comment. It’s been three weeks since the dog died. I understand everyone mourns in different ways and some take longer than others to get past being upset. Still others, it waxes and wanes. So my frustration isn’t with the fact that my son is still struggling with the loss of the dog. I get that. My frustration is with the fact that we feel like we are walking on eggshells around him. At breakfast we were talking about how cold the chill factor is. He said, “Ohooo!” I responded with “Ohooo, is right!” He shot a dirty look my way that could have wilted 🥀 my plants. His birthday was yesterday and he let it be known he didn’t want any celebration or gifts. My family sent him cards. A friend from church gave him a gift and of course I had some gifts I bought months ago along with a handmade card. I was afraid to even say anything yesterday about his birthday. I put all his gifts in his office chair in his room. I made enchiladas since I asked for menu ideas for the week and he mentioned that. I also made brownies. In passing I said it seemed appropriate since it was his birthday. He refused to eat the brownies. He ate the enchiladas because that’s what was for dinner. At least he acknowledged they were good. He didn’t bother to open his gifts. He stuffed them all away out of sight. We have to be careful what we say or he gets upset. Topics about dogs are taboo. Driving in certain areas upset him. Being in someone’s house where they have a dog won’t happen. He refuses to come in the living room or basement because of memories in those rooms. He is so sour his customers at work are noticing and making remarks which then make him cranky when I pick him up from work. So I feel like asking him how his day at work went is a taboo topic too. My heart aches for him because I know he is miserable but he isn’t really trying very hard to improve the situation. Instead he makes all of us feel bad.

Posted by mooseiddings at 2023-03-04 17:29:50 UTC