Just wanted to share a small win. My son and I watched a movie last night! May not seem like a big deal, but it is!!! This 15 year old boy has been in severe defense mode for months. Only giving me one word answers and never wanting to do anything but play video games. It started out small this week. I noticed that he would go watch tv as I was almost ready to head to bed. I decided I would instead go sit down and watch tv with him for a few minutes each night. I watched anime with him and asked questions to learn about the show. Every night this week I would hang out with him watching a few minutes. Last night we watched an ENTIRE movie on Netflix. I could barely keep my eyes open, movie was on til close to midnight, but it was worth it. For two hours my son and I bonded! FLIP works! FLIP is the acronym used in the course, Freedom From Defense Mode. Frequent Low-risk Intimate Positive interactions I know we all struggle with our kids, that’s why we’re here. Just know that the advice in these courses are helpful!

Posted by Lin at 2023-03-04 16:18:28 UTC