I have an adult son who seems to be in defense mode and fits the picture of pathological avoidance disorder. I understand this is anxiety driven and not something he has chosen. He refuses suggestions for assistance such as therapy or coaching and since he's an adult, this has to be up to him. Fortunately he is being responsible with household tasks and personal care and there's no concern about other behavioral issues. We (his parents) both work during the day and he seems to spend almost all his time in his room playing video games. He has been very high functioning but something happened during the pandemic which escalated this so this current shut down is not something we expected. We are being supportive but are naturally worried and wondering if this will turn around or this is his life as an adult now and he's doing the best he can with it. I know it's not a lack of motivation for him. Suggestions don't seem to help and I just feel worse for trying as it just seems to upset him. I would like to have hope and confidence that he will find the motivation he has had up until the pandemic, but maybe I need to accept that this is his level of functioning and make plans for his future security when we are older. I have ordered the books from this website.

Posted by Aleah at 2023-03-04 14:06:52 UTC