My 12 yr old daughter developed contamination OCD during the pandemic. She has very elaborate rules/routines/compulsions regarding being clean. I have been looking at different therapies to help and wonder if the community has an Asperger aware therapist/type of therapy they recommend? Last year we tried ERP and it was mildly successful but we stopped because she expressed she was depressed due to her lack of social skills/pressure and so we pivoted and found her a social skills therapist and rpg gaming therapy group and that seems to be helping her a bit. But we right now are trying to help her with her rigidity and feeling compelled to do these elaborate ocd routines that keep her from being able to participate in things she wants to make friends. She also has braces and a bite block that is making it hard for her to eat and she is losing weight. I tried to reach out to therapists and specialists but they think she has some kinda eating disorder and want me to put her in a residential eating disorder place to which I asked their experience with kids on the spectrum and they said it didn’t matter. So we did not go with them. Suggestions? She is so stuck in her routines and fears.

Posted by Adventuremama at 2023-03-04 13:05:13 UTC