Hello everyone I’m Kimberly I saw this group on my Facebook and I’m glad I did, I have been feeling so lost I don’t even know what to do or even begin and what’s even right for my son anymore , I found out in the beginning of February of this yr, that my son is autistic he is 14 yrs old going on 15 in a couple months. at first it didn’t hit me till later that evening I balled like a baby because all this time I thought my son was just acting up worse than usual just because he is a teenager and drs had him with possible bipolar, with adhd and unspecified disruptive disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, impulse control and conduct disorder, along with major depressive disorder but never did anyone pick up on there autism even when all his signs and symptoms we’re down on paper thru out the years . Now my son is part of the juvenile probation department because he continues to brake probation how ever his probation offficer seems to want to spend him out to an RTC ) residential treatment center away. From home and has him incarcerated right now and I don’t know how to make her or anyone listen to me that my son needs help not to be locked up. everyone’s advise is welcome I need to know exactly what types of things I can do to help my son improve. And help him get out of this situation.

Posted by kim.gonzalez1984 at 2023-03-02 00:57:50 UTC