We were hesitant about leaving our 18 year old son at home a week while we left for a vacation. He hasn’t been eating a lot lately, hygiene is bad, in defense mode. He has never been alone so long and we were concerned he wouldn’t eat Instead of pushing him and telling him he had to come, we discussed a plan and I think it’s for the best. We went to the grocery store together before, he chose some things he would like. All pretty healthy. We left the fridge packed with easy to heat up food. He’s thrilled to have some independence and stepping up on our absence. Hes eating and showering and cleaning up the kitchen (I think), taking in the mail, doing small chores. Grandparents will pop by to say hi. We phone him daily. In the past he’s traveled with us and I’m sure he’ll travel again. Right now he’s burned out from school and the recent trip was recently over the holidays. I’m seeing it as a win win situation. We get to travel, he gets to gain some independence.

Posted by Eve at 2023-02-27 06:32:17 UTC