Hi. I dont know if im in the right place or not, ive literally been trying everywhere i come across in hopes of getting some help, ideas, pushed towards the right path ect. My son is 19, he has been diagnosed with autism, adhd-c, executive function disorder, ocd, odd, anxiety, ptsd, POTS, and a mile long list of other issues. We are even looking into tourettes. After covid his POTS flare ups got really bad, he couldnt handle going back to school physically, he didnt do well with the virtual school during covid either. He tried as best he could but physically he was having alot.of issues. We went through a huge fight with the school system, and the nonpublic school he was attending and we lost. They kicked him out and when i refused to accept their new placement which was back into the same public school program where he had been prior to the nonpublic that gave him trust issues, anxiety, ptsd, ect from being bullied, abused by staff and locked in a room alone during a meltdown, the county withdrew.him completely. Ive tried to fight, tried to find some alternative placement for him but havent had any luck. He just wanted to get better and go back to school. The places ive found so far that said they help special needs kids have done nothing except send me emails full of links to other websites, lengthy emails... it got overwhelming very fast. My son lost all his therapies when he got kicked out.of school. His insurance wont cover half of them and it could be 8 months before we hear if he got approved for disability. He aged out of his pediatric psychiatrist and the adult ones with knowledge of.autism have a waiting list a mile.long. i havent found any options for him that dont run a high cost out of pocket for classes or anything he could do to.learn skills or have social time. I literally am at a loss. He is content playing his games and talking to his friends online for now but he isnt getting out and not getting any in person social time with anyone other than family. He has not bathed in 3 months and doesnt change his clothes often, because he says he doesnt need to because hes not going anywhere. Ive tried to explain to him why its important to bathe and change his clothes, but he is stuck on if hes not going anywhere he doesnt need to and if he does go somewhere he doesnt care what people think about him so it doesnt matter if his clothes are clean or his hair is brushed. His father believes he "just needs more discipline" and if id done more punishing him hed listen... If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, please send them my way.

Posted by wednesday1977 at 2023-02-27 03:08:40 UTC