Hello. I am from the UK. I am new to this community and doing the best I can to support my children who are 22 and 17. My 22 year old son is waiting for assessment and my daughter was diagnosed at 13. Both have depression and my daughter has severe anxiety and a historic eating disorder. Both had issues with school attendance and engaging with others and they feel very isolated and uncertain of their path in life. My daughter has been receiving NHS therapy for the last two years but is about to be discharged so we are seeking alternative help. I have concerns about traditional therapy and our local autism charity practises positive behavioural support so I am unsure about which way to turn? I am inclined to seek out autistic advocates but they are hard to find locally. Does anyone have advice about what worked for you? Thank you so much. I'm really glad I found this community.

Posted by heather.stephen at 2023-02-24 11:39:44 UTC