My 15 year old son refuses to follow the rules of our technology agreement. I installed the BARK app on his phone. Although he disabled the VPN, I still get notifications and screenshots of certain concerning texts. His teacher said he sleeps most of the day in class. He’s up until 3:30 AM on school nights on his phone. Apparently he’s into erotic role play on Discord with other guys. When he was 12 I found out he was being groomed on Discord. It’s a breeding ground for pedophiles. I’m mad and sad. Mad that he will not follow the house rules and this is who he is becoming. A sullen, moody, mean teen. I wonder if he’s like this because my husband has never spent a lot of quality time with him…. I called Verizon yesterday and they turned off his wifi, so he doesn’t have it at school. But he does have it at home. Help! I don’t know how to get him out of this funk. Yes, I purchased Freedom From Defense Mode.

Posted by Lin at 2023-02-23 17:04:28 UTC