My brother-in-law Mark has Asperger’s. He turns 34 years old on Thursday. He weighs right around 500 pounds. He came to live with us 2 years ago after his mom died of a sudden massive heart attack. Mark cooks supper for the family. He and I are at home together a lot during the day. I usually eat sandwiches. If we have just a little leftovers we have that for lunch. Sometimes we have a lot of leftovers that we save for dinner for everyone. I make sure to keep the groceries to have sandwiches for lunch. But Mark will eat what we were saving. He makes his own lunch using food we use for dinner instead of eating sandwiches. He is the only one with a bedroom downstairs and he stays up late. He will eat late night snacks of whatever he can find in the kitchen. We literally just told him not to do this yesterday, and this morning I find that he’s eaten pigs in a blanket that we’re for his brother who didn’t get to eat them yesterday. What can I do?!

Posted by merriman_alisha at 2023-02-21 13:03:04 UTC