Hi! I’m new here, my oldest son was diagnosed with ASD and ADHD about 4 months ago. He’s 18 and at college. He’s struggling at school - has a hard time self starting and focusing on homework. He failed his classes last semester, he’s literally brilliant but just gets stuck and then goes into his online world to escape causing him to get more behind and that’s leading to depression and anxiety. He’s getting worse, he’s talked about having existential dread - which I had no idea what he meant until this sight, but now he says that it’s now existential depression. Ugh! He’s in therapy, will it be too much to get him here too? Will this be be too overwhelming? But this sight gives me hope! It’s a relief to see that it’s possible for Aspies to achieve and thrive! Any advice on where to start as a parent and how to invite him to learn here? I wish I could learn it all right now! I feel like I’m years behind and have no time to loose!

Posted by muddmomma at 2023-02-20 23:33:22 UTC