Hi there, I wanted to share something that helped me. I have an appointment soon that will be in a big official building with tons of rooms. I've been quite nervous/anxious about it, because such environments can be extremely overwhelming and do often have big troubles finding the right room in time because of that. Today, I just called the place and, after explaining my situation, asked whether they could provide a room plan or something to help me with those issues. They had no map, but they were very kind and understanding and gave me a detailed description of where to go and how to find the right room. I have that written down now and will take the description with me, so that when I get there and things are too much, I can just focus on that description and navigating with it. Having this has already calmed me down a lot, and I wanted to share this because I thought a similar approach might help someone else as well!

Posted by Grayscale at 2023-02-20 14:32:37 UTC