Hi! I'm new to the community and have just discovered this through FB. A tiny bit of weight has come off of my shoulders! I am in dire need of support and I think I may have found it! I am losing my mind and have no where to really go because no one I know deals with ASD; even my therapist, who is of help dealing with my depression and anxiety and self-care, admittedly doesn't know much about ASD. My soon-to-be 51yo husband was officially diagnosed to be on the spectrum in the past year, but has had symptoms since I've known him. He has gotten MUCH worse over the years and almost never leaves the house, unless it's on his motorcycle, which is his passion. But we don't "go anywhere". He just goes for rides and works on his bikes, but I'm glad he has that... Honestly because it gives ME a break! We've been through MANY therapists, but "these people don't know what they are talking about", he says. He is so resistant to ANYONE trying to help him, including me. I am really looking forward to this group as a resource and an outlet! Thanks for being here! ❤️

Posted by jessleonard0987 at 2023-02-19 14:25:59 UTC