I have a 14 y/o son with ADD and suspected ASD. I’ m wondering if anyone has any advice or has had a similar situation. I think that my son is shut down and in defense mode at school, but much better at home. I hear from his teachers that he has his head down a lot of the time at school and isn’t as engaged as much as they would like. I’ve talked to my son about it, but don’t get an answer as to what’s going on and why he isn’t alert and participating in class. He also hasn’t really connected with many kids at school in that he has acquaintances, but I wouldn’t say many of any true friends. At home, he is a different child. He participates in our family life, is talkative, and he and his younger brother are always giggling and being silly. They also have their bickering and spats, as brothers do, but the child he is at home is much different from the child his teachers describe him as in school. I don’t know what to do to get him to feel more comfortable and connected at school or why he is so different at school versus at home. Any help or insight is much appreciate. Thanks!

Posted by Feather at 2023-02-19 11:59:27 UTC