Our DJ-dog crossed the rainbow bridge last night with our son sleeping next to him. It was not a good morning to wake up to. I heard his breathing quiet and got out of the recliner to check on him. He took his last two breaths as I petted his head. Nathaniel was sleeping so I didn’t disturb him since he has been sick. Nathaniel wanted paw prints but not just any paw prints. He wanted paw prints he could feel. We had done this with our previous dog and Nathaniel keeps her prints on his dresser. So my first job of the day was to go get air dry clay and make paw prints. Then take the remains to the vet.😫 Nathaniel is absolutely devastated. He says he feels hopeless. He went back to bed and hasn’t come out of his room since.😕. Thankfully he is getting time off from work, but sadly he will lose his health insurance for about three months due to fewer hours worked.😟. Winco is a safe workplace for him but horrible how they do the health insurance.

Posted by mooseiddings at 2023-02-17 22:27:41 UTC