Our son who doesn’t seem to know how to handle difficult things such as the terminal illness of our dog, is in extreme defense mode. He announced last week that he will quit his job at Winco when DJ dies because he can’t handle seeing pet supplies come through his line and people asking, “How are you?” He will be throwing away his health insurance and income by making a decision based on emotion. We have tried to tell him it’s a bad idea but he (27 years old) has shut the conversation down and refuses to hear any other perspective but his own. I have come to a place of peace because I know I can’t control what he does and there’s no point getting worked up anymore. That just makes me miserable. But it hurts my heart to see what he wants to do and know it will ultimately put him in a very bad way. I have given up trying to help him because he doesn’t seem to want my help. It’s just a very difficult emotional time for us losing our dog soon and knowing our son is not dealing with it in a constructive way.

Posted by mooseiddings at 2023-02-15 01:48:16 UTC