I would love tips on how to empower or help my 11 year old son when he is bullied. He was punched a few weeks ago for standing up for a friend and I contacted the school ASAP and demanded action! Then a few days ago he was bullied on the bus by the boy who he stood up for the week prior! I'm a big momma bear and I know this very well. I also know he's going to have to learn how to fight his own battles. He doesn't carry himself very confidently and it worries me. I tend to volunteer for all field trips so I can keep an eye on him and I know that's probably not the best course of action either. If there is any tips for folks who have been there I would appreciate it as I really want him to know that he can handle himself in those situations.

Posted by cepasqua at 2022-04-08 00:24:09 UTC