Hello, I have a very specific problem. My young adult child (ASD, ADD, dyslexic) does not consistently close and lock the door to our house when they leave. On multiple occasions the front door has been found unlocked and a few times it has actually been open. They also don't close the door behind them when they come into the house. We live in a large northern city, near a major intersection. The door has to be locked with a key, and we can't replace it without taking the whole front of our house apart. (we have looked into it). They finished high school, had a part-time job, have been a valued volunteer, navigate public transit and intercity travel, and generally manage many aspects of day-to day life. I have put a sign on the door reminding everyone to close and lock the door when they leave, and that worked for a while, but doesn't seem to anymore. Whenever I bring it up, they get very shouty and defensive. I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Posted by andrea.slonosky at 2023-02-13 19:43:37 UTC