Was just diagnosed ASD. The psychologist said that the best way to explain it was Asperger's. I was pretty much text book definition of it. Obviously that term isnt used anymore. But would explain why I see certain behaviors exhibited by my son who is ASD and think that what I did. Was the reason I decided to get tested in the first place. Some of my issues stem with trying to connect to people period. From what I understand I am always in protection mode almost 24/7. Explains why I haven't connected to someone in a long time. My wife is working on her Psych degree (Just finished her masters.) Talked me into getting tested and was able to provide valuable incite for the psychologist that I could not as I did not think I was as bad as I was in certain areas. Luckily wife understands ASD as her daughter has it as well. She has patience that I probably will never have. Any information or courses that could help me understand Asperger's more would be helpful so I can try to connect to my kids. I have no emotional attachment to things or people for the most part which I find disturbing. So any help or information is better than no answers.

Posted by Droy5668 at 2023-02-13 16:55:41 UTC