Sorry for the long post but I need help. My 17yr old daughter was admitted into mental hospital last year for a month. An outside phycologist said she has level 1 autism, major depressive disorder, and borderline intellectual functioning. She already had an iep at school for speech impairment. I requested they retest her to get help with autism. The school didn’t believe she had it. They determined she has a marked impairment in pragmatics to fall under the autistic diagnosis for the school. She gets 1 extra day on Assignments and tests, resource room, transition help, speech and language help, talks with a social worker once a week. Here’s the problem. Is it possible to fake being autistic to get help? My son says she looks up stuff on how to be autistic all the time. He says she wants us ti keep paying for her all her life if she takes it. She will not get up for school on her own. She will not take care of her hygiene. Her room looks like a tornado went through it and she says she likes it messy. Her grades are horrible. Less than a 2.0 gpa, SAT scorers in the 2nd-9th percentile. She turns 18 in less than a month. I am trying to help her get assistance on getting a job. She says she wants to go to college but with her grades that low I don’t think she can do it even. She will not get up in the morning to get ready for school or come with me to my part time job once. While on the weekends. It is a fight everyday. Is there anything I can do to motivate her? She refuses medication and will not talk to a therapist anymore. She says she has friends but they are mostly online people she had never met. She is addicted to anime and likes to act like she lives in this fantasy world all the time. She likes to draw and wants to do animation. She got super emotional when someone asked what her friends like to do the other day. Does this all sound like autistic behavior to you? Will she ever be able to lion her own? Could she ever be able to go off to live on campus to go to college? Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I am at a loss.

Posted by heidijoorr at 2023-02-13 15:57:16 UTC