I'm new here and reaching out. I have a 14 yo son who is likely ND with possibly some demand avoidance. His father never wanted him evaluated and now I feel like this was a mistake. He's struggling with school refusal, hard time making friends. I feel like if we had a diagnosis for him he could then feel like he might be able to find his tribe and feel confident as an autistic person. Any advice on if I should encourage him to be open to the idea of him being neurodivergent/Aspergers? Or should I just leave it alone. (I need help getting him an IEP currently) He's of the age where we live he would need to consent to an evaluation. And even if he wasn't, to get him to participate in one without his buy in would likely not work.

Posted by aurorabirch at 2023-02-13 03:50:51 UTC