I need help. Only a specialist can make a diagnosis but I'm thinking about talking to my psychiatrist about these problems, do you think I have to do it or it's completely normal and I'm neurotypical. 1- I have unhealthy obsessions, whether it's a video game or a series or a subject (Judaism, languages, animals, music...), I spend all my time focusing on this thing and I end up forgetting what is happening around me, I only have eyes for this subject until I isolate myself from others, because otherwise I will only talk about it 24 hours a day 2- Because of my new obsession (a mobile game) I hacked it and when I lost my account that's why I depressed and took antidepressants. 3- I always had social problems, everyone judged me for my cold demeanor and thought I was weird, I was even harassed by girls in my class (photo without my consent, talking behind my back, making fun of me, following me out of school...) for my behavior which for many was unsympathetic, but I don't do it on purpose. It is for this reason that I tried to learn to behave according to the rules of society (eye contact, steady voice, normal gait, basic interests...) which cost me my well-being. I feel that I am no longer myself, I have masked my personality for so long that I no longer know who I am. 4- I feel trapped between a 9 year old child and a 41 year old adult, I have always had a more advanced mentality than people my age which makes it difficult to create an affinity with them, and to on the other hand, I have huge problems when I have to do everyday tasks (choosing my clothes, cooking, going out to buy something, going to my university alone, etc.), I depend too much on my mother and I can hardly do anything on my own. 5- I don't get angry easily, but when I do, it's for trivialities and I become very aggressive. 6- I am very sensitive to some visual textures, I made the same mistake three times by avoiding revising my lessons because of a form that was scary and made me want to cry. 7- I have a strict routine that I must follow and in case of slippage I feel very uncomfortable. 8- lately or simply when I'm frustrated, I start to twitch nonstop (tics)

Posted by Soyee at 2023-02-12 15:32:27 UTC