Is there some magic trick in getting him to understand the connection between money and the ability to do "fun things"? This is for an adult who I'm partnered with, so I can't just take his allowance, or say no. He wants to do "fun things" go to movies, the arcade, wander Walmart, or engage in his hobbies. I'm fine with all of that. But when money is tight I see those things as luxuries, and try to push for doing free "fun things" like hiking, bike riding, ect. I grew up poor, so I really can wander the mall all day, not buy a thing, and be fine with that. And I developed most of my hobbies to be free things, or at least things that are done on a pay by month basis. Eg judo, reading, or archery. But for him he can't seem to make the connection that his fun things cost money, money we don't have, and going into debt to keep him happy is not good. I want him to develop free fun interests, but he won't. He just doesn't make the connection that no money means we CAN'T do something fun. And he also won't save money for his own fun things. His long term planning, and goal making is extremely poor. Please help!

Posted by millersam07 at 2023-02-12 07:49:48 UTC