I am living in Bangkok but am originally from Massachusetts. My wife Kwan's son, Toch, in my opinion is in desperate need of a good therapist, one who understands the connections between atopic dermatitis and autism. From the internet: Children with autism are more likely to have psoriasis, eczema, and allergies than neurotypical children. Estimates of the prevalence of eczema among children with autism range from 7 percent to 64.2 percent And one who also understands the connection between emotions and dermatitis. Again from the net: Anxiety and depression can be common triggers in some individuals that can cause eczema to flare up, which then creates further stress, leading to more eczema exacerbations. He recently received his degree in Electrical Engineering but is basically unemployable because of his occasionally-debilitating dermatitis. He is literally scratching some area of his body (and all areas at some point ) every waking moment. Plus, he spends all night playing grossly violent video games which of course is exacerbated by being on the spectrum. He is basically a very good guy, tall and very handsome with a potentially good future if he can get the help he needs. Do you have any idea if there is anybody near Bangkok who can help him? I would also consider it essential that the provider speak decent English. I feel I need to have some input into this process, at least initially, before backing away from it. Thanks for at least reading all this, even if you don't know anyone to suggest. All my best, Michael Forhan michael@burma-projects.org

Posted by michael1 at 2023-02-11 12:43:32 UTC