I am preparing for a transitional IEP mtg (middle to high school and I am trying to come up with what accommodations I think my son might need. Do you have any suggestions? - allow X to leave class early to allow more time to change classes and avoid crowded/overwhelming hallways - will be on time to class 3 out 5 class periods each week - schedule checkins with counselor or special education teacher - will checkin at least weekly with support person - offer clam down or break spot to use when needed using a signal to the teacher to prevent class disruption or attention - provide detailed written instructions on assignments - break writing assignments into small steps (chunk work) - reduce # of math problems assigned - allow extended time on classwork, homework - will submit assignments by the due date 80% of the time - provide guided notes or full classroom notes - will have the option to take tests in a small, quiet group setting - allow extended time (1.5x) on tests and will have lengthy tests chunked for him - inform X of changes to daily routine/schedule in advance when possible

Posted by tammarino at 2022-04-05 18:24:54 UTC