I am listening to Mona Delahooke through the free bright and quirky summit and her brain and the body concept seem to fit well with what I’ve heard from Danny in my limited time. She talks about the platform we all have and what stages our nervous systems are in red, blue, or green mode based on a neurodevelopmental model. So she's mentioning a child 'acting out' could be having a stress response and needs different support for that than if the child is seeking attention. She explained new research on interoception noting that some people aren't aware of their sensory mode, some of this is because a person can be overwhelmed or differently wired. If you sign up you get access to the talks from today until tomorrow morning for free. She also has a new book. Anyone else attending? https://brightandquirky.com

Posted by samiam at 2022-04-05 17:51:54 UTC