I would love to get advice or suggestions for how to help my daughter with her behavior- She is 9, ASD level 1. She is in play therapy, homeschooled with a hired teacher and just started CBD because through genesight testing it was clear no medication is good for her. Anxiety is improving- I can leave the room while she is with her teacher and she will go to her teacher's home alone. The struggle- any task we ask or give her is a fight- getting dressed, showering, getting items out of the car, charging her ipad, etc. We do not partake in ABA and do not have interest. She gets very mad and yells..."I can't, I don't want too, I need help" all while rolling on the floor or curled up in blankets. Is this normal? Does it get better? And driving to carpool is so hard with her and my other 2. She gets soo upset....he's touching me, he looked out my window, and she interrupts nonstop and just so impulsive. Any ideas?

Posted by dana.hall609 at 2023-02-09 00:15:10 UTC