I have a question: It seems my daughter is exhausted after school and needs a lot of time to wind down. She is 12. However this is on screens from 330 until her 830 bedtime. I’m struggling to implement any other activities. She doesn’t want to do anything with me, by herself or with anybody and seems lost and unable to lose herself in any kind of activity if not on screen. She doesn’t want to eat at the table with us and likes to be alone mostly in the afternoon and is quite grumpy - especially with me. She doesn’t clean up any mess she has made and doesn’t fix herself anything to eat - so I prepare food for arvo tea and dinner. My daughter has a small homework assignment due. She has had 2 weeks to do it and hasn’t started. I would like her to schedule time in to get it done. I did the first question with her to make sure she understood it. If I bring it up it infuriates her. I’ve offered to do it together which she doesn’t want to do. It would take 15 mins to complete. How can I help her achieve a more balanced afternoon routine with screen time, homework time and off-screen time? Transitions are difficult. Instructions make her angry. It doesn’t seem easy for her (or me). Thanks (please be kind)

Posted by elissa at 2023-02-08 22:10:16 UTC