Loved the short seminar today on "Defiance, Defense Mode and Depression: The Way Out". Just shared some of it with my 24 y.o. and we also had a nice call with Molly at his University in the Services for Students with Disabilities Department. He has been trying some of the much shorter & condensed 8 week courses at college.... the professor is NOT lecturing and only giving massive reading assignments and online work. He does better in classes. So, after all these years of college we found out today that he could ask and possibly receive an incomplete while the course is still going on....and then he can go into the summer semester with the class and get a grade when he finishes. I am praying that this professor is amenable to this. He did give him some extra time to complete work last week. The course started out badly with this Prof not having the course book listed. Telling them the first day of class online...when they thought they were going to have a lecture and didn't... and then the next week adding another book the college bookstore did not have and expecting them to do an assignment from it for the week? My son decided he didn't have the $ to have it shipped overnight from Amazon so he took the free 2 day shipping with his membership. Then tells me after the assignments were due, that he didn't get them done. That is when I had him write the Prof and explain. So, he gave him more time on the new assignment but didn't let him make up the original 2. So, depending on how he did today on the midterm, his grade is a D. Because of the uncompleted items. I would have had a hard time completing it all, along with other classes, and I am not neurodivergent and was a good student. In this case this Prof was setting them all up for defeat. I did talk to my son about the shipping and told him he should have paid the extra, or asked me to time (hopefully not) a Prof does something like this. Just so frustrating. Okay, enough of my ranting. And, thanks for listening.

Posted by Dawna at 2022-04-04 21:46:26 UTC