I had a meeting at school today for my almost 7 year old daughter. She has ADHD and ASD level 1. I have been concerned about her motor skills, academics, making friends. The PT, OT, and SLP said that she doesn’t need anything from them. The school psychometrist said that she is doing well in all the academic areas. Her teacher said that her test scores and behavior have all improved. They said that she just isn’t motivated, and at her age she is interested mostly in outward motivation. The ultimate goal is for the accomplishment to be the reward. I’m working with her at home. I give her praise when she makes an effort or reaches a goal. I try to give her structure at home. We have positive interactions. She enjoys watching entertaining educational videos and shows. She has changed her ADHD medication and has been improving noticeably since then. I hope that we are all doing well and that she will continue to improve. I’m supposed to have her do things herself and encourage her of her capability. I noticed today that she can do things herself so I just need to let her do it.

Posted by merriman_alisha at 2023-02-07 02:41:07 UTC