Hello All! I’m a teenager recently identified as on spectrum. Initially, when the topic of autism was brought up—I originally went in for an ADHD assessment—I did what many autistics do when presented with new information: research. Excessively. I created spreadsheets, went through old report cards and tried to compile as much information as I could about the topic, and I had a lot of fun! However now I know that I’m autistic, and I know that I have ADHD (not really a surprise, talk to me for five minutes! Haha!) I don’t know what to do. I have created systems for myself to manage my executive function challenges, and have read a ridiculous number of books on autism and adhd. But looking through these posts, I see a lot of bleak stories and situations that resemble my own freshman year when I got diagnosed and not a lot of success stories. Does it ever get easier?

Posted by honorsage at 2023-02-07 00:00:13 UTC