How do you all help motivate teens in defense mode? Our 12.5 yr old has Asperger's and also depression, anxiety, and adjustment disorder and serve avoidance issues. He experienced a major trauma at school spring 2022. We homeschooled him 1st semester and are working with therapists, psychiatrists and the school to get him back. He has made it 3 days since the 2nd semester started. we are trying to be as gentle as we can but also maintain expectations and boundaries. Carrot sticks don't work as you would imagine. He claims that he feels like a failure and that no one cares if he is at school. Teachers, administrators and friends have reached out numerous times that they do. He does not believe them. So...long post but am hoping for a little glimmer of evidence. Thanks.

Posted by emily.gilbertson at 2023-02-06 17:38:35 UTC