Our 18 year old son has declared he doesn’t want to join us on our weeklong trip down south. Up until then we were able to convince / push him to come along on our multiple family trips. We worry he will not eat (he’s not eating much now), spend day and night on the internet and also that he is missing out on a wonderful trip. There will be beaches and snorkeling and waterfalls and no pressure. He has been out of school since December and has not left the house since our last ski trip over the holidays. We are willing to make the trip as easy for him as possible, not forcing him to join any activities. I am trying to show him some beautiful pictures of what he will see. Should we keep encouraging him to come ? Accept the situation even though it worries us a lot ? Leave one parent behind ? Otherwise we could have someone check on him a few times while we are away. We are willing to cancel/postpone the trip but our 2 other kids really want to go. Thank you for any suggestions

Posted by Eve at 2023-02-05 04:54:33 UTC