My 18 yr old son has diagnosed combined type ADHD but I’ve always felt he has Asperger’s - largely because he is very prone to defense mode (a lot of days spent hiding in bed rather than facing school) and the flight, fight or freeze response has been a constant challenge. I love the resources here and the course is great, particularly the need to rebuild trust (I am guilty of constantly nagging him to ‘knit’ in the middle of battle). He’s going to college in the fall but Is highly resistant to help or ADHD meds as he says they don’t make any difference. I’m wondering how often Asperger’s is misdiagnosed as ADHD, and whether I should just let him figure out what he needs to be successful in college. He will not do anything that is not his idea.

Posted by Hopingforhelp at 2022-04-03 19:11:45 UTC