I called in for the Q & A last week and spoke with Micah. I told him that my son was spending too much time on technology both at home and school. He told me to write up an “experiment”, he didn’t like the word contract. Anyway, we did write the contract and the deal was if he messed up on any of the rules he would lose technology until the next day. Today the school called and they took his phone. 3rd time this semester. So it’s Friday and he won’t get it back until Monday. We also took his computer. He can get that back tomorrow. So he’s in his room, won’t come out for dinner and us just sleeping since he got home from school. Do you think these punishments will work for him? He’s also getting Friday detention next week from the school. I don’t know what to do. He’s in serious defense mode and shut down. Should I just give him his space?

Posted by Lin at 2023-02-04 03:40:56 UTC