Hi all! Newbie to group as a mom to two ASD boys. 9&10 years old. So differ t and so amazingly wonderful. My 10 year old struggles immensely with emotional regulation. This has been ongoing for a few years and has escalated to physical but not in a while. He’s been in 3 schools and currently in a school for ASD. He reaches a point where he screams, cries and won’t follow his teachers directions. Medications have been tried and used and changed and little glimpses of successes. Today he had a meltdown again and this time Moved furniture in the class room and led to other kiddos being removed. He is so remorseful but I know he’s barely hanging on emotionally and it erupts. They suspended him for 3 days 😢😢😢. I read everything I can, and try anything to find the tools to help him regulate. I’m scared for him and his mental health. He’s so so sad and down on himself and it breaks my heart. He feels everything and very energy feeling. I’m crying here wondering how I can help him help himself. I know he does the best he can everyday and some days are just crap. Any advice? Is this considered Defense Mode? It seems to be yes given the hypersensitivity. Thanks for reading.

Posted by Deborah1981 at 2023-02-02 20:29:55 UTC