My 44 year old nephew has Aspergers. He loves to work but is always loosing his jobs. He was on Social Security, worked just long enough to lose SS than lost a job once again. We got him back on SS than of course he went back to work once again where he was fired 2x but the company talked him into saying he quit. So once again trying to get back on SS. He tried but got rejected so now a lawyer is involved. BUT found out last night he got a temp job which has no insurance and only temp. What the heck what happened to trying to get SS????? Our question is how to we get him to understand that he needs to get on SS and only work part time? We don't live with him (lives with his dad who just goes along with whatever he does) so very hard, almost impossible to get him out of defensive mode. We are frustrated as he tells us one thing and go figure the next time it is back to the same old routine of getting a low paying job and getting fired (claims he won't get fired this time). Any suggestions would be appreciated as we are ready to throw our collective hands up in the air and get "fired" from helping him. Thanks

Posted by Srrunnells at 2023-02-01 18:10:10 UTC