We’re struggling with our 13yr old son who has autism and adhd. He has been saying and doing sexually and racially inappropriate things. We have had numerous conversations on why they are inappropriate. We have tried to come up with ideas of what he can do or say that are appropriate or what to do if he isn’t sure if something is or isn’t appropriate. He says he does some of it because he’s trying to be funny. He really wants friends and he says he’s trying to fit in. We’ve talked to him over and over about appropriate ways to make friends. It’s gotten so bad that his classmates and teachers don’t feel comfortable. I’m at a loss. We try to get him in sports or activities outside of school for positive social outlet but he has no interest. We’re scared and frustrated. If he keeps it up, he’s going to get hurt or put in jail. He’s higher functioning so he knows not to say or do these things but when asked why he just cries and says he doesn’t know. Any advice, please help.

Posted by mezzoblue03 at 2023-02-01 03:00:42 UTC