I am in my 50's, I have a 26 yr old daughter with severe Aspergers who lives with her mom(my ex). Her mom took all her $$$ from her disability checks all her life and spent all of it gambling at the casinos. I fought for guardianship during our divorce but lost and she became a ward of the state. Her mother is trying to gain guardianship through her sisters ex-husband. He filed for guardianship of MY Daughter! My ex cannot be awarded guardianship as I proved her unfit in divorce court so she tries to find anyone willing( whoever she can control) and convinces our daughter that whoever should be her guardian. I filed in return for guardianship. I don't really have the $$ to hire attorneys and fight in court. I have always dealt with depression and felt akward socially. I started seeing my daughters counselor about 2 months ago, I have met with her several times before but this was for me. She, the counselor has now recently diagnosed me with autism. I guess that explains how I have felt all my life and never knew. My boss at work is constantly threatening me and berating me and I am beyond sick of it all. My situation is so beyond help. I feel so helpless, I live alone, I have zero friends, my family lives far away and never communicates with me. I am isolated. I cannot allow some jerk off to have guardianship of my daughter. I am completely capable. I would think that somewhere, somehow, there might be some kind of group or someone that could help me but I don't know. I am very glad I found AE because it really helps me understand my daughter (on the very rare occasions I get to see her because her mom keeps her away from me) and helps me understand myself as well.

Posted by Groovytunes at 2023-02-01 02:18:20 UTC