I am a specialized para educator. I have a second grade student who paces when they get anxious. This student has an excellent internal clock. I can actually tell the time by watching him. We have visuals for schedules and I use a timer that lets him know when we have 5 or 10 minutes left or even 2 minutes left. This helps a lot in some situations but I would love more help. He does have a lot of trauma so I know this also relates to the anxious feelings. I have an app I just introduced to him for taking deep breaths. He actually watches the timer on my phone while watching the mandala grow and reduce in size while inhaling and exhaling. It's not so much the pacing that I want to reduce, just his anxiety as the time gets closer to the next part of the day. His eyes gets wide like he's scared, he's pacing, and flapping, like he's about to explode. If he is late to start the next thing he will scream. Any ideas on how to reduce this anxiety before it happens? I want to be proactive and not reactive. I have gained his trust which is huge. Thanks!

Posted by lady_lotus at 2023-01-29 02:06:29 UTC