First of all THANX for this space,it’s so amazing see how parents are looking for solutions. Unfortunately in my ItalianPortuguese family ,neuro divergence isn’t understood (and after my mum’s coma when I was 9years old, I grew up taking care of her and my siblings, no one really put attention on my emotional burst n particularity). At 36years I wonder which tests to run to understand clearly what and how to cope with my ADHD HSP and (probably Asperger syndrome)??? Friends tell me I am very smart and also weird, when I read abt high function autism I find myself ticking the boxes…in Italy for a basic test is 500€,as they making money on different ppl like me. Where I can find more reliable and affordable test and guidance ???

Posted by empowersustainableyoga at 2023-01-25 23:40:45 UTC