Just came across this group. My 20 year old daughter was just diagnosed with HFA. We're on a limited income and getting help has been hard to find. The whole explanation of defense mode and starting with sensory rather than executive and social makes so much sense. Our problem is that our daughter has a lot of anger and resentment toward us. She's resistant about accepting her diagnosis. She thinks she has an autoimmune disorder - which she might... She has severe depression and anxiety and lots of various physical symptoms. But because of the fracture in our relationship we don't know how to help her. She lives at home and won't do much of anything out of the house. She isolates away from us and her siblings. She won't share with us and we walk on egg shells around her or she shuts down even further. We don't know how to build connection and trust with her because she just acts like she hates us and thinks we're the cause of all her problems. I'm not even sure where to start to try to help.

Posted by tcardine2002 at 2023-01-25 03:59:31 UTC