I geuss this is the place for introductions. Hello my name is Bryce, im a 22 male with A. I was diagnosed the summer before my sophomore year and it truly angered me because for so many years (since kindergarten) i was misdiagnosed with ADHD and was placed on pills jumping from one pill to the next, until they landed on Vyvanse, and my body would get used to the dosage, so the dosage kept going up. I hated those pills so the fact that i never needed them really set me off i was mad for about a whole year. Then i realized nothing truly mattered no body cared if i was around i was ditched by the people i thought were my friends but i now realize they couldn’t wait for graduation so they never had to see or talk to me again. I was alone but then i lost it all again i only ever go out to get food, work, and nothing else i have no close friends anymore and dont know what to do so i wont have to be alone anymore

Posted by bcferg1000 at 2023-01-25 03:57:44 UTC