Hi! I've seen a few people do introductions here so I decided to do the same. I'm an autistic individual and in my mid-20s, I was only diagnosed at age 22 so I went through my childhood and teenage years without really understanding myself well and with countless problems. That has caused a lot of trouble and left more than a few scratches, but gladly I have left all that behind me. After my diagnosis, I managed to work on making things better, and so I went from severe depression to having a happy and enjoyable life. Today, I am working a full time job, I am in a happy relationship, I adapted my surroundings and daily routine to fit my needs and I have a family that finally accepts me. During this journey (which is still ongoing), in addition to reading and learning a lot about autism to understand myself better, I have spent time in several online communities for autistic people. Chatting with other people on the spectrum about both their and my own problems and achievements has helped me a great deal, especially when I was still having lots of issues that I didn't know how to handle, or didn't even fully understand in the first place. I am still continuing to learn more every day, but at the same time, I am now trying to help people in the same way others have helped me before by sharing my experiences and solutions when I recognize situations I have gone through before.

Posted by Grayscale at 2023-01-25 03:09:15 UTC