14 Yr old son is in crisis after an incident where he was accused of some difficult things. Currently trying to get help for his mental health (self harming and really not coping with life) before we can even address what really happened. He has just started to see a way forward, but now rumours are spreading and people are talking. His initial response is to react angrily. We're supporting him as much as we can, and we know he is hurting and scared, but I can see him making things worse for himself. He refuses to take guidance from us and won't share with the safeguarding lead what people have been saying, but he's determined to tell them they're wrong, that it's all lies, and they need to see how much he's hurting. Any tips on guiding him towards a more measured approach? The feelings are so raw and overwhelming he's in danger of exploding and causing even more upset.

Posted by UKmum at 2023-01-25 00:41:40 UTC