New to this community. I'm 38 and on the spectrum somewhere. I was just talking to my girlfriend (the only person I really talk to) last night that perhaps I just need to design an AI friend(s). I then realized the only people I want(?) to have around me is my girlfriend, a robot and a psychiatrist. Sounds like the begging of a bad joke. Unfortunately, that joke is my life at the moment. Or at least an idea of it. So here I am. Reaching out or something. Very out of pocket for me, but something I need to do. I figured if I was to go anywhere it would be to a community that understands at least a part of me, as that is so often not the case. So how does this work? We post and comment on things? I'm looking forward to... I don't know yet! Let's see what happens!

Posted by Bryin_Falls at 2023-01-25 00:34:32 UTC